"Learning should be easy and fun."

We are working hard to realise this dream.

Our Story

Coursemology is a gamified learning platform, built by teachers, for teachers. Based in Singapore, Coursemology is built to allow teachers do what they do best - Teach.

Our Vision: To make Technology Easy for Educators, Increase Student Engagement and Make Learning Fun!


Coursemoloy provides powerful features to enhance teaching producitivity and effectiveness. Developed with actual users, Coursemology is used and loved by both teachers and students.

Teaching analytics at all levels

Intuitive user interface

Gamify the learning experience

To get started, sign up as an instructor to teach a course on Coursemology!


We always strive to make Coursemology better - with your help! Do send us suggestions on features or bug reports using Github Issues. It would be advisable to check if similar issues are open and being worked on to avoid duplication.

Coursemology is currently supported by teaching grants from the National University of Singapore. Developers interested in contributing are welcome - please get started at Github!

Coursemology.org's source code is released under the MIT License.